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Webrootantivirus.com Website Review & Ratings + Webroot Antivirus Coupons

The updates that Webroot  has made to their 2011 Antivirus has pushed Webroot Antivirus into the running. They are now a major player as far as antivirus technology is concerned.

Here are the key features that make them a worthy competitor.

  • It comes with Spy Sweeper and an anti-spyware that detects and removes even the most complicated and buried spyware known today.
  • It has real-time protection that will safeguard you by blocking and removing viruses before they have a chance to do any damage.
  • It's easy to use; featuring automated protection with scheduled scans, and automatic upgrades giving you constant, and regular protection that is always up to date.

They've taken their Antivirus, and made it easier to use, and more attractive. With faster downloads, and faster scanning, Webroot has joined forces with the creators of the well respected anti-virus, Sophos.  They've integrated both anti-spyware, and AntiVirus protection into the software to give users complete protection. A highly recognized and renowned anti-spyware meets an award winning AntiVirus, it's no wonder Webroot's AntiVirus with SpySweeper is the most preferred of its category by students, professionals and businesses alike.

Webroot Antivirus: What makes it different?

Webroot AntiVirus continues to innovate ensuring that you get value for your money by keeping you protected at all times.


  • Webroot offers constant and full protection that safeguards your computer and personal information. It defends and defeats not only spyware, and viruses, buts worms, maleware, Trojans, and rootkits as well. 
  • It features set it and forget it technology with automatic scanning and updating. You can schedule scans when they are convenient to you, and the updating process occurs automatically by default, so once you set it up you can let the software do the work.
  • It won’t slow down your computer. The new 2011 version uses up less resources so it can complete scans faster and allow users more function for PC work or play.
  • Easy and attractive interface. The new Webroot AntiVirus comes equip with a smart new face. It sports bright and bold buttons that are easy to understand, and a clear and clean design. 
  • PC protection at an affordable price.  With Webroot AntiVirus 2011 you can protect your computers for less than $20 a piece.
Best Available Webroot Antivirus Coupon:
Webroot Antivirus vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Webroot Antivirus)

Webroot AntiVirus is on par with the best brands in the market, and it comes at a more affordable price.

TopTenReviews ranked them alongside Kaspersky in the top three out of 23 AntiVirus softwares, placing them in front of Trend Micro, McAfee,  Norton and AVG . They said Webroot has one of the best AntiSpyware/AntiVirus combo packages we’ve seen.”

PCMag  gave them a rating of 4.5 out of five. They said Webroot's "New user interface is simple, attractive, and well-designed. Scanning and updating occur automatically. Very effective malware blocking and cleanup, especially of rootkits and scareware. Full scan is speedy."  

TechRadar gave them 4 out of 5 stars, saying "We were unable to infect our test system with new spyware threats with the program's 12 primary Shields activated and our scans picked up every existing infection."

Webroot Antivirus: Product images & screenshots
Webroot Antivirus Coupons
Webroot Antivirus: Detailed review

Webroot Antivirus has many benefits that any computer and internet user would be interested in. By combining the cutting edge technology with highly effective programing, it furnishes your computer with  the maximum protection that it deserves.

Key Benefits of Webroot Antivirus:

  • It features quick and easy installation
  • It effectively secures your computer from the dangers of adware, pop-ups and spywares
  • It’s Equipped with Spy Sweeper, the leader in antispyware software.
  • It boasts “Zero-Hour” Protection, which means new threats and spies are immediately blocked, even before they surface.
  • It upholds your privacy by blocking certain programs that can potentially gather personal information from you. That way, you are assured that your personal identification and bank account numbers are kept secret.
  • It protects your emails both inbound, and outbound from being hijacked. Any attachment to your email is also safely monitored for viruses.
  • It is user-friendly. It won’t bog down your computer's performance like other antivirus programs. The antivirus works efficiently even when you are working or playing games. Best of all, it is equipped with different modes that will meet with your specific needs or requirements.
Best Available Webroot Antivirus Coupon:
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